Little Dragons, 4-6yrs


Benefits of the Little Dragon's Program:

Our goal is to help your pre-schooler be the best they can be at everything they put their minds to. The Little Dragons lessons focus on improving pre-school age children’s basic motor, learning and listening skills. Skills that will help them develop with a more confident and enthusiastic outlook and the benefits will include better focus at school, better listening at home and more ambition towards the future. We believe that the most important years of a child’s development are between the ages of 4 and 7 and our lessons will capture the imagination and enhance positive development in a fun and motivating way.

The skills we teach are comprised of physical and mental benefits and include focus, to improve your child’s listening skills and reaction skills.

to develop character, which will help him or her make new friends and become a better leader in life.

which builds confidence and leads to good decision making.

a crucial skill to develop at an early age, as your child is beginning to participate in many physical activities. Your child will develop good balance and a better posture.

the sooner your child exercises the smarter he or she will become and the earlier they will make smart decisions.

our lessons help promote the image that discipline is fun and rewarding. Your child will take pride in doing the right thing and will also follow directions better.

helping your child to understand the benefits of being healthy and physically fit, whilst burning off all that excess energy.

from learning left from right to becoming better physical participants is sports and activities, the better co-ordination your child has, the fewer injuries your child will sustain.

The Little Dragon lessons will also prepare your child for the Junior Taekwon-do class.

Little Dragon Instructors

Our Little Dragon instructors are all Black Belts, carry full insurance, are CRB checked and dedicated to getting the most from each of our Lil Dragons. Some of our instructors have been teaching students of all ages and abilities for over a decade.

Adults - Taekwondo Benefits

Enhance self-esteem by heightening your physical and mental powers. Build confidence by encouraging you to succeed and to take control of your life. Develop discipline by thoroughly training your body and mind.

slide kick

Physical Fitness

Of course, such hard training requires, and will develop, a strong and athletic body. For many people, this byproduct of the art becomes a reason in itself for continuing practice. Physical activity includes aerobic (blocking drills and forms) as well as anaerobic activity (sparring), strength training , and stretching (kicking drills). Regular practice will help you develop your body, maintain your health, and give you more energy.

Mental Clarity

Whether it is doing one more push up than you thought you could do, controlling your body through a complicated form that required both strength and balance, or focusing your energy into a punch that will break a board, Tae Kwon Do demands a firm control of mind over body. As the body becomes a physical manifestation of the mind, inattention, confusion, and lack of resolve will show themselves physically. Likewise, clarity of thought, focus, and confidence will result in clean, quick, crisp techniques. For many people, the strength of will and clarity of thought that is developed at practice becomes goes beyond Tae Kwon Do into day to day life.

In addition to the higher level mental benefits, many people find that they enjoy Tae Kwon Do, just as they will many sports. It can be challenging, exciting, and accessible for many people.

Junior Programme, 6-12 year old

CoatbridgeTaekwondo has been successfully teaching valuable life skills and Martial Arts to children in the Lanarkshire for over 30 years. Due to this experience gained over time, we have been able to design in conjunction with experts in the field of education, a syllabus that provides social, physical and emotional growth for the students. Our goal is to provide an environment and a martial art that can enhance the lives of children so they will have the confidence to make the right choices in life.

Some of the valuable attributes and skills that your children will learn are:-

Self Control

Through martial arts your child will learn to follow rules and have the discipline to follow through activities to completion.

Improved Focus

Through martial arts your child will listen effectively and will “zero in” on the task at hand and be unaffected by distractions! All types of challenges will be tackled more skilfully; your child will be free to pursue the many opportunities life has to offer, without fear!

Bully Defence

Your children will learn the skills it takes to stand-up to that bully as well as the skills needed to avoid certain situations.

Stranger Danger

Your children will learn the valuable skills of stranger danger. We take them off the couch and teach them the importance of regular exercise.


You will see a vast improvement in your child’s self-confidence, mainly due to the parameters set within our system and the positive interaction that your child receives from other students and instructors.
Self defence

We give your children the tools and confidence they will need to protect themselves and others in various situations.